Super long lasting chews

We leave a selection of these down for our dogs all the time – so they always have something they can pick up to chobble on if they want to. This is something that nearly all dogs benefit from and is essential for younger dogs.

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These chews are hard in texture (that’s what makes them last) but it does also mean that they need to be introduced carefully. Young dogs with good teeth should be fine, but they can be too hard for older dogs (whose teeth may be less strong), unless they are very used to chewing things. Check with your vet if you are unsure. 

The split antlers are a great starter chew as the slightly softer middle is easily accessible. Yakers are sometimes a little easier than the very hard antlers too. Buffalo horns are brilliant for using as natural Kongs and stuffing with wet food which introduces the actual chewing part a bit more slowly as it is broken up with licking!

A note on Yakers, Venison Tendons and NatuTripe bones – whilst we have included them in the super long-lasting chew section, and for most dogs they are, we do get the occasional dog who manages to chew them up quite quickly so we suggest you just supervise the first one!

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