General ‘consumable’ chews

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These are the smaller, more ‘consumable’ chews that we give our dogs regularly to add interest and enrichment. They tend to last somewhere between minutes and hours (depending on the chew and the dog!) and this means they can have something different every day – or even a couple of things per day (again this depends on the size of your dog and the type and size of the chew!) 

The chews we include here offer a good range of textures and flavours and also tend to be pretty low in fat, but you do still need to take account of chews as well as treats when you work out their food. The potato and vegetable chews are often the lowest in fat, but there are some great ‘animal’ source options which are very low fat too – for example ostrich. The cut of meat may also make a difference to this. 

Our suggested approach – variety, variety, variety! And we’ll let you into a secret ….. we have a big ‘chew tin’ with lots of different ones of these all mixed up together and sometimes just let the dogs rummage through and pick their own out – their choices can be quite unexpected and its another lovely way to add choice and control to their lives. But introduce new things one at a time so you can check the effect on tummies! 

Our complete range of ‘general chews is below, or, if you want to browse by ‘protein source’