I’ve been doing ‘new things’ with Aunty Lisa for a few weeks now and I’ve been sooooooo busy trying to eat enough dinners to keep my strength up that I haven’t had time to write an update (sorry about that ????). I’m feeling much better though so have been busy dictating this week.

I have been a slightly underweight skinny-minny for much of my life (apparently this is quite common in anxious dogs). My previous people did well to try to keep my weight up, but it wasn’t easy. Now I’m feeling more chilled, this has all changed and I LOVE my dinners. I get really super excited and am having to learn to at least give people a second to put them down before I dive in!

I have my dinners in different activities – some are really, really easy and this is important as I shouldn’t have to work for my food when I’m hungry, it’s an important need. So I usually start with my lickimat as this has some food piled on top as well and then I can work at the last bits underneath to help me calm down from the excitement. Then I get to do the fun things! I have my bowl with all the compartments in and the snuffle mat and sometimes my Kong ribbon and some busier activities like my cube and wobbler.

This is me at one of my evening buffets! It was a few weeks ago now and you can see I am still a little bit unsure (noisy new dog having a bark in the background ????) and so we kept the video really short, but I did a big happy tail wag when Aunty Lisa spoke to me and I had already scoffed my lickimat topping and was onto the snuffle mat!

I am also really happy to be with someone when I eat now too – before I used to be a bit unsure and would hunch over my food, so my dinners arrived and then the person left straight away so I could relax, but actually, if Aunty Lisa pops back to me or stays a bit longer, I get MORE food and this is amazing so I quite like a bit of company now. I also quite like to bring things over to sit on her lap to eat when I’m tired and then she holds them for me.

Actually my biggest concern at the moment is that dinners don’t seem to take quite as long as they used to….. it’s suspiciously like there is less food. This seems to have happened after I asked if I could have a slightly bigger harness as mine was feeling a bit snug…… Aunty Lisa says I’m imagining things, but I am sure my rations have been adjusted, they are still delicious though! ???? I’m going to have to do extra work to burn more calories so my dinners can go back up again!

In the meantime, this is me hoovering up ‘bunny currants’ as extra snacks ????

My new harness (well, the ‘old’ new harness, not a ‘new’ new harness – she wasn’t falling for that, hence fewer biscuits) is AMAZING. Rather than getting all worried and cowering away from it like I did my original one that I came with, I run across the kennel as fast as my legs will carry me and SHOVE my head through the hole – it does take people by surprise if they are not expecting such enthusiasm! I then turn around and plonk my bottom down while it is done up – well, sometimes I do, but if it is one of my new visitors then I sometimes like to give them the run around and they have to just sit there and wait while I get myself back under control again. ????

I am really loving visits from my new friends as well as Aunty Lisa; they come in, we have a play and some cuddles, I’m learning to stand nicely on my mat, I get to do some Free Work activities and then I go out for a walk round the good sniffy field too.

This is me having a cuddle on my Aunty Nat with my ball and being a squirmy worm having a play…..

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you all about my walking adventures!

In the meantime…..

I am a bit worried I might run out of dinners, so if you could help me with this, that would be fabulous thank you please