Soooooooooo, my xrays weren’t very helpful but there is definitely something going on which makes me feel really uncomfortable (and my pain medication helps but hasn’t sorted it). I can’t tolerate any physiotherapy so i’ve been for something called an MRI which took squillions of pictures of my back. It could have been really scary (especially as we had to go to a totally different vet) but Aunty Lisa and I have lots of trust and we did it together and I was fine!!!! Hungry, but fine ????

And we made a little video diary to show you all what I got up to and maybe help some other dogs who have to do scary vet visits too (but maybe without the outtakes…. I can’t believe Aunty Lisa left those in ????)

And if you think I need a little treat for being such a good boy, my wishlist is here…..

(Aunty Lisa says supplements are top of the urgent list of supplies at the moment, but I say rabbit ears and chewing sausages and dinners……)