Hello! My name is Cleo and i’m a gorgeous 5 year old (ish) Rhodesian Ridgeback crossed with, well, something! Something fabulous of course! Aunty Lisa says that you often can’t tell crosses just by looks, you have to think about breed type behaviours too, but different traits (looks and brains) can be more or less pronounced, especially if there are a few things in there, so it’s sometimes very hard to know and so I have decided I am just crossed with ‘fabulous’, whatever that is.

So, I have been in rescue for a little while now. The lovely team at the RSPCA Crewe & Nantwich do a brilliant job taking care of me, but I really struggle with any sort of stimulation and change and so they have roped in Aunty Lisa to help feel calmer so that I can start to relax and see if I can progress to feeling ready to try a new environment with new people and new things. I’m not sure what this is exactly, but Aunty Lisa always has good pockets of stuff so I’m hopeful it means food!

I love food, like a lot! But my tummy can be really uncomfortable and apparently this might be a big factor in why I always seem to have ants in my pants and can’t just relax or concentrate. Aunty Lisa says I struggle with something called sensory overload too and I get overwhelmed by sounds and smells and sights and physical sensations and my brain just can’t process it all at once – and this can be to do with how I feel inside too. So i’ve had a little bit of an ‘MOT’ with the vet to see if we can find out what is going on and i’ve got a special diet (which is really tasty, so i’m a happy girl) and some ‘supplements’ (aka things that arrive for me to swallow in more tasty stuff) and I have my very own ‘poo diary’ for everyone to fill in too ????.

There is lots of stuff planned for me over the coming weeks and as i’m quite excited about having my very own blog page, i’m going to come back and write about them so you can see what I get up to on my journey.

The RSPCA branch who look after me are a separate charity to the main RSPCA (they take dogs in from the RSPCA officers to look after them and find them new homes, but they have to do all their own fundraising and at the moment this is really hard – something called covid, which doesn’t sound very tasty to me and therefore is bad).

I have quite a lot of things that I need to help me over the next few weeks and months so Aunty Lisa has helped me write a wishlist and you can donate a little item to me from there if you would like to help: