A truly essential skill that EVERY pet guardian should know

ACE Free Work is amazing – and it has helped every single dog that we have worked with. Yes, that’s right EVERY dog – puppy, teenager, supposedly sensible adult, golden oldie, new rescue, long-term family companion, fearful and anxious, over-excited, sound-phobic, confident, poorly or injured, fit and fabulous. It truly is one of the most versatile and EASY techniques to just help your dog feel their very best. 

We use it to 

  • support physical and emotional development in young dogs
  • help teenagers learn to balance and regulate themselves
  • identify early signs of health changes, pain and discomfort or body tension
  • help dogs overcome fears and worries (from being touched, meeting new people, sounds to struggling with other dogs)
  • make visits to the vets and groomers easy and relaxed
  • help with car-travel
  • support older dogs to maintain physical wellbeing and reduce cognitive decline
  • improve loose lead walking
  • help dogs relax around things they have previously guarded
  • build lovely confident social skills with people and dogs  

The list really is endless! 

Perhaps most importantly, it will give you a truly incredible opportunity to really SEE your dog, to learn to read their body language, to listen and understand and to build a conversation that will really deepen your relationship and, on a practical level, make so many things just so much easier!

The full recording is available NOW!

In this 90 minute masterclass we take you through an introduction to ACE Free Work and how to get started with YOUR dog, including a video coached Free Work session

  • what Free Work is and how it was developed (by the incredible Sarah Fisher of Animal Centred Education at Tilley Farm
  • how to set up your first Free Work session
  • an introduction to observing your dog and understanding what you see
  • discussion about how Free Work can be used to support all sorts of situations and behaviours


And meet the two beautiful Bedlingtons that you will be helping….

A minimum of 50% of the proceeds from this webinar will be going straight to the amazing team at Bedlington Terrier Rescue Foundation to support two of the special boys we have been working with who have some really complex (and expensive) medical needs…. without BTRF, these two young boys wouldn’t have had a chance at a happy life and we need your help to fund their ongoing medical support. 

Percy Poppet (was Picklepants!)

Deemed unmanageable in his early months, Mr. Percy was a very stressed dog when he first arrived in rescue. He bounced everywhere on his 2 back legs, chewed and ate his way through everything he could find, was terrified of being groomed, hated being separated but didn’t really want to be touched, was very unsure about other dogs and had very few positive experiences to draw on.

He arrived with a ‘clean bill of health’ and was just thought to be a ‘naughty’, out-of-control teenager, but with Lisa’s Dynamic Dog Practitioner skills we could see straight away all was not quite right with his movement and when we started a pain-relief trial – and watched him calm and relax almost instantly – we knew we were on the right track… we just didn’t know how complicated that path would prove!

Our gorgeous Mr. Percy is quite the medical mystery. He has clear pain in his right hind leg, which responds well (but not fully) to a comprehensive pain management strategy. He has had xrays, an MRI, been reviewed by orthopaedic and neurological specialists and we still can’t quite pin down the source. But we have got him feeling a LOT better. The right diet, supplements, pain medication, physiotherapy, rest, behavioural support …… and Percy Picklepants is now Percy Poppet (unless he’s up to mischief anyway – as all the best beddies do!!!) 

But we are starting to see some signs his pain is getting a bit worse and at just 2.5 years old, we need to raise some extra funds to get a second MRI done to see if we can now pinpoint the cause (sometimes the behavioural signs appear before the clinical ones and we’re hoping that a year on, something may now show up to help us get a more permanent fix). This beautiful boy has his whole life ahead of him, thanks to Beddie Rescue – and they will support him for the rest of his life to ensure he stays happy and well. This webinar will go towards meeting his fundraising target so we can continue his essential care and see him flourish. 

THANK YOU for your support to help Mr. P. continue his ‘Mission Mischief’!   




Poor Buttons had a really tough time before he landed with the team at Bedlington Terrier Rescue Foundation. His previous vet and family were at a point of having to consider euthanasia because his behavioural and medical difficulties were so severe and he had bitten a number of people very seriously…. but not because he was naughty or difficult, because he was in pain and horrifically sore and itchy. 

Sadly many Bedlingtons struggle with skin, ear, gut health and other allergy issues. Almost all the dogs we see in rescue end up on carefully managed (albeit very tasty!) diets and sometimes need other medical support to get them comfortable, but Buttons is probably the most extreme case we have seen. He has lived his life with chronic, excruciating ear irritation and infections, skin all over his body that was red from chewing and licking to try to relieve the itching and a pretty poorly bottom too.  And we quickly spotted he had pain in his right hind leg. Worse still, one of the medications that was being used to try to alleviate the skin symptoms was actually increasing his aggression. 

But we know how closely health and behaviour are linked and that sorting health can go a long way to resolving even the most severe behaviour issues with the right behavioural support alongside. And that is exactly what we are doing with Buttons (and help from our fabulous veterinary team) and the results are incredible. Mr Bitey (“because that is how I keep myself safe and stop you touching me”) is now quite the little social cuddle-monster! He loves nothing more than climbing up for a snuggle… and doing his Free Work of course! 

He is going to need a highly specialised home cooked diet and some pretty expensive immunotherapy for the rest of his life, alongside some other medical treatment for his ears and sorely leg – but Beddie Rescue will always ensure he gets exactly what he needs to stay happy and well.  

THANK YOU for your help to keep this scrumptious boy pain free and enjoying life!