Beco Natural Rubber Frisbee Flyer


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The Canine Thinking Team says…

Difficulty: Easy

Food/Treats: Wet

Interactivity: Best enjoyed together, Can do alone

Durability: Regular

So good to see a range of toys which are fab for play AND have strong eco credentials.

Unlike most of the frisbees on the market, this is a beautiful soft, flexible rubber. So much nicer for your dog to catch (although please be careful about only doing short games with toys like this to minimise the impact on joints – everything in moderation and warm up properly first!).

It also makes a brilliant and unusual ‘lickimat’, dinner bowl and training foot target!!!

The ultimate in flexible equipment.


The Manufacturer says…

There’s nothing better than your dog leaping and bounding. Introducing a soft and flexible natural rubber frisbee. It glides through the air and is gentle on teeth during aerial catches. Let’s see if they can keep up with this one.



24xm x 2.5cm