JW Holee Cow – Small


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The Canine Thinking Team says…

Difficulty: Easy to Hard  (it depends what you do with it!)

Food/Treats: Mostly dry, but you can smear some wet on this one too

Interactivity: Can do alone and Great Together

Durability: Regular

Very similar to the usual holee roller balls and we stuff it with paper, fabric, treats, chews, other small toys and fun things in just the same way, but the cow shape means it is a little more solid and functions even better as a ball as well as allowing a bit of ‘lickable’ treat to be smeared on one side – perfect for a multi-textured experience for puppies.


The Manufacturer says…

The Hol-ee Cow by JW Pet is a fun and unique fetch or treat dispensing toy that will entertain your pup or small dog and provide lots of interactive fun.

Based on their best selling Hol-ee Roller, Hol-ee Cow has the same intriguing, flexible rubber cage design but this time it is the body of this cute cow.

Great for indoor or outdoor fun. Fill it with treats for added excitement. Small treats will be easy or use larger treats for more of a puzzle.

The cage section is JW’s ingenious, patented honeycomb design made from natural rubber. It makes this toy something special and it will be very new and exciting for your dog to play with. It is stretchy and even bouncy. Unusual and great fun, especially when the intriguing rubber cage is holding a treat or two.

This toy is a great size for puppies and small dogs. The super-stretchy non-toxic rubber is gentle on your dog’s mouth.

Not intended as a chew toy. No toy is completely indestructible. Always supervise play. Inspect this toy regularly. If the toy becomes damaged or if parts become separated, remove the toy from your dog.



Small: approx 9.7 x 8.81 x 8.81 cm