JW Holee Roller Tug And Treat Ball


The Canine Thinking Team says…

Difficulty: Easy to Hard (it depends what you do with it!)

Food/Treats: Dry (and chews!)

Interactivity: Can Do Alone, Great for Doing Together

Durability: Tough!

These rubber frames come in different sizes, shapes and strengths.
The Hol-ee balls are very flexible with narrow frames and wide spaces but stand up to an incredible amount of tugging and chewing!

We use these with combinations of fleece strips, paper, chews and dry/semi-moist treats and even squeaky toys to create a whole variety of interesting games and activities.

Brilliant fun and one of the most flexible toys in our activity toy box. They are fab!


The Manufacturer says…

The Hol-ee Roller’s durable, super-stretchy rubber makes it easy to stuff a dogs’ favourite treats inside, while the patented, open design allows dogs to safely breathe through the toy for hours of play. As dogs work to remove treats of different shapes and sizes from the Hol-ee Roller, they develop problem-solving skills and increase their mental abilities. The treat-dispensing ball is also effective as a training toy.

Available in a wide range of sizes, the Hol-ee Roller is a versatile toy for dogs of different ages and breeds.

  • Enhance games of fetch and tug-of-war by stuffing the Hol-ee Roller ball with a variety of treats and toys
  • Soft, open rubber design allows pets to breathe through the toy for safe, extended play
  • Made of natural, non-toxic rubber for pets’ safety and the patented, seamless design ensures durability
  • Boosts dogs’ IQ as they work to remove treats of different shapes and sizes
  • Look for the iconic honeycomb shape that makes the classic JW Hol-ee Roller a truly unique, do-it-all toy
  • JW pet products are intelligently designed to provide safer and long-lasting toys pets love and pet parents trust.

All JW pet products are created with a commitment to fun first while providing quality, non-toxic toys for your pets