K9 Pursuits Maze Slider


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Our Quick Guide:


Difficulty: Easy (to Medium)

Food/Treats: Wet and Dry

Interactivity: Can Do Alone (Do Together at the start)

Durability: Fairly Tough


We love this - a good slow feeder and some sliders on the side too! This is particularly good for freezing a more liquid treat into the bottom first as the sides mean it doesn't just run out. The sections mean you can put different things into different areas for added interest - it's a little more open than the other one in the range, has fewer sections and is just a touch easier.


We recommend that all toys which have active components for your dog to move form part of 'Do Together' work with you so that you can help your dog work calmly and increase or decrease the difficulty as needed, but if you're just using the middle bit, it should be fine for your dog to work through on their own (and some dogs are fine with the sides on their own too after a bit of practice!).


Anti skid base, dishwasher safe, BPA PVC and Phthalate free.