Kong Extreme Goodie Ribbon


The Canine Thinking Team says…

Difficulty: Medium (to Hard)

Food/Treats: Wet

Interactivity: Can do alone

Durability: TOUGH!

A treasure trove of chewing! It has four spaces to stuff with treats (or just with wet food) and the gripper ridges inside will make getting the nibbles out a decent challenge. We like to push a Soopa dental stick through there, or sometimes even things like a piece of rabbit ear (or similar chew) to really up the challenge.


The Manufacturer says…

A treasure trove of chewing! A unique bone shape and durable KONG Extreme Rubber satisfies and rewards natural chewing instincts while providing a long-lasting solution that keeps dogs engaged. Stuff KONG Extreme Goodie Ribbon’s four spaces with treats and the Goodie Gripper ridges inside will make getting the nibbles out a mentally challenging puzzle for dogs. Ideal for stuffing with KONG Easy Treat, KONG Snacks or a dog’s favourite kibble.

  • Durable KONG Extreme Rubber for extended engagement
  • Unique bone shape fulfils & rewards chewing instincts
  • Four stuffable Goodie Grippers for a varied mental challenge