Kong Classic Goodie Ribbon


The Canine Thinking Team says…

Difficulty: Medium

Food/Treats: Wet (and chews!)

Interactivity: Can do alone

Durability: Fairly Tough

Like lots of smaller Kongs joined up (which makes it more of a medium rather than easy toy overall), but these are also designed to be able to push chews through! We sometimes add a couple of Feelwells beef or chicken strips, a Soopa chew or a Billie + Margot Apple and Green Tea – they aren’t designed to fit perfectly, but you can use the shape and size of the chews to make the activity harder or easier – and of course wet food is perfect too!


The Manufacturer says…

A treasure trove of chewing! Stuff KONG Goodie Ribbon’s four spaces with treats and the Goodie Gripper ridges inside make getting the nibbles out a mentally challenging puzzle for dogs. Durable KONG Classic Rubber satisfies natural chewing instincts while providing a durable solution that keeps dogs engaged. Ideal for stuffing with KONG Easy Treat, KONG Snacks of a dog’s favourite kibble.