Kong Rewards – Tennis Activity Feeder


The Canine Thinking Team says…

Difficulty: Easy

Food/Treats: Dry

Interactivity: Can do alone

Durability: Fairly Tough

Looks like a tennis ball, but is actually a treat dispenser. Pretty robust and takes quite a battering from even the most enthusiastic emptier of treat toys!

Fill with dry food or treats.


The Manufacturer says…

KONG Rewards Tennis adds a topspin to treat-dispensing that rewards with kibble, treats and fun with every action-packed roll. Built from durable materials and featuring unpredictable movement this toy is sure to keep dogs engaged while providing mental and physical enrichment. An easy-fill funnel makes repeated use simple. Can also be used as a food bowl replacement to help manage weight.

  • Fun, durable shape provides rewarding enrichment
  • Ideal as a food bowl replacement for weight management