Spin Orange Bougainvillea Interactive Slow Feeder


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The Canine Thinking Team says...

Difficulty: Easy to Medium to Hard (depending on how you set it up)

Food/Treats: Wet and Dry

Interactivity: Can Do Alone, Better Together To Start

Durability: Regular

Fabulous slow feeder with two layers: a bowl which holds dry food or wet food smeared onto the bottom and then a rotating flower which has to be moved round in order to access the treats below.

The flower itself can also be filled with either wet or dry food or other treats and goodies and, to make it extra-super hard, it can be taken off and turned upside down. Just brilliant and hugely versatile - we love them! It has a non-slip base and is suitable to do alone, but we also find it's a great toy to sit and work on together.

Non-slip base


The Manufacturer says...

Food grade material, BPA-FREE – Dishwasher safe