Buffalo Tripe Sticks (Free Range Grass Fed Hormone Free)


The Canine Thinking Team says…

Great range of tougher chews – all from free range buffalo and most importantly, pasture raised and free from hormones.

Tripe can be a little bit stinky, but it is a huge favourite with most dogs and very nutritious, it comes highly recommended ….. we encourage our dogs to either take them out and eat them in the garden or just pop a towel down to keep the smell off their beds if they are going to eat them indoors!


The Manufacturer says…
The team at Buffalo Natural Dog Treats are focused on creating a range of dog treats that allows owners to make healthy – not indulgent – choices for their pets.  
Our Buffalo Tripe sticks are the perfect high protein natural complementary treat. Sourced from free-range, hormone free buffalo these tasty snacks are a leaner and healthier alternative to pork or beef as well as being great for your dog’s dental hygiene.  
Made from pure buffalo with no additives or preservatives these ears are also a great source of heart protective omega-3, which makes them the perfect healthy reward for your dog.  
Suitable for dogs over 3 months of age.



100% Buffalo



250g and 500g