Be: Loved – Paw And Nose Balm


The Canine Thinking Team says…

We were so pleased when we found these! Great for dry noses and paws, dry ear flaps (not inside the ear of course) and any little sore, dry, rough or scraped patches too!

No parabens or nasties, plastic free packaging, handmade in the UK and tested on people.


The Manufacturer says…

Be: Soft

Handmade with paws in mind, our soothing balm for four-legged friends has been formulated using intensively nourishing ingredients. Perfect for pets with cracked paw pads, elbow callouses or dry noses, a little of this gorgeous essential-oil and shea-butter enriched balm will nourish, soothe and moisturise problem areas.

Be: Safe

Sometimes, action-packed days outdoors lead to minor scrapes and injuries – for pets and humans alike! Formulated with a natural blend of essential oils and moisturising Vitamin E, our First Aid balm is designed to soothe minor injuries, like scratches and grazes, and alleviate the discomfort from stings and bites. Apply to paws, noses and anywhere else that’s been in the wars.



Be: Soft – Beeswax, shea-butter, vitamin E, avocado oil, manuka honey, grapeseed oil, lavender oil

Be: Safe - Beeswax, shea butter, Vitamin E, neem oil, grapeseed oil and lemongrass



60g each.