Be: Silky Skin and Coat Oil – 50ml


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The Canine Thinking Team says…

Fab product that we’ve used on more than one tightly curled doodle coat or to help ease a slightly tangled flowing tail that has had too much fun in the field, or simply to nourish a slightly dry patch of skin (the dogs and our own Winter hands actually!)

Just grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, ylang ylang & rose oil.

Works a treat.


The Manufacturer says…

Contained within a green glass bottle, our enriching and conditioning skin and coat oil improves circulation and adds lustre and pep for sleek, replenished coats and skin that leave your pet smelling and feeling fresh. Its time to shine!

Handmade in UK

Tested on Humans



Blended natural botanical oils and essences. Grape seed, sweet almond, rose, lavender, vitamin E.