All For Paws Calm Paws Bath Duck


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The Canine Thinking Team says...


Our Quick Guide:


Difficulty: Medium (and long lasting!) 

Food/Treats: Wet

Interactivity: Can Do Alone

Durability: Regular


Lickimats promote calm behaviour through repetitive licking which has a soothing effect.

For most dogs, this bath duck is quite a bit smaller and harder than a lickimat splash and it also holds wet food (rather than sticky paste) more effectively when it is in a vertical (or angled position) so great for dogs who don't get too frustrated and work things quickly. The suction cup sticks really well onto smooth surfaces, either as part of enrichment or for helping with putting on harnesses, grooming, bath-time and any other activities where it helps your dog to have something relaxing to do while they stand still...... we've used it on the inside of a car window too.....!

It's good for Free Work as sticking it down reduces sliding round, making it more comfortable for most dogs and it means you can stick it onto an angled surface too to get the level of comfort and tension reduction exactly right.

We also use these for super sniffers activities when we want to stick something to the underside of a smooth object (it grips the wet food really well!)