Cytoplan Slippery Elm – 60 capsules


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This is a human supplement. Included to help you look after you as well as your pet!


Slippery Elm is used in both people and animals for its soothing effect on the digestive tract. It can help improve absorption of nutrients, ease intestinal discomfort and firm stools. 


This is a human capsule form but one which we also use (under the guidance of our vet to determine specific dosing for individual dogs), with our dogs too as we find the capsules are really easy to dose accurately and the small volume if mixed into a paste makes it particularly easy to dispense.


We have found it particularly helpful during times of stress (which is commonly linked with upset tummies!) and as part of recovery from illness.


Please note that slippery elm should generally be given separately to any other medications (we leave at least a couple of hours gap, but your vet – or doctor if it’s for you – will be able to advise, please always check). 


From Cytoplan:


Slippery elm (Elmus fulva) has a high mucilage content. Our Slippery Elm capsules contain only slippery elm bark. The bark is pure and no additives have been used. One capsule provides on average 230mg of slippery elm. If required, the contents can be removed from the capsule and mixed with a little water to form a paste and then taken at the end of a meal.


60 capsules