Chuck-It Hydro Squeeze Ball – Medium


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The Canine Thinking team says....

Intended more for Summer play as they hold water and release it when squeezed, but their great texture means we often use them all year round! We've included them as 'no stuffing' because it is pretty minimal and is a sponge, not white 'fluff' and encased within the rubber outer too.


The manufacturer says....

Chuck-It Hydro Squeeze  are designed to hold and release water during play, helping to keep dogs cool on hot Summer days. Bright orange and blue for high-visibility on water or land.

  • Hyper-absorbent inner ball soaks up water that releases when squeezed for maximum hydration
  • Added play dynamic helps keep dogs cool
  • TPR shell for durable outdoor play
  • Bright orange TPR offers high visibility in water or on land

Chuck-it Hydro Squeeze Ball is made of a special water absorbing polyester foam encased in a durable, pet friendly TPR rubber



Medium - 2.5" diameter (approx. tennis ball sized)