Country Hunter Superfood Bars



Air dried bars made with great cuts of meat and carefully blended fruits, veggies and superfoods. They are semi-moist, reasonably soft and ideal for breaking up into training treats and using in enrichment activities as well as feeding as a balanced snack.


Perfect for lunchtime, or refuelling on a walk or a busy day out.....did you know that behaviour can deteriorate if your dog is really hungry? 


IngredientsDuck (62%), Pea Protein, Glycerine, Pumpkin Seeds (4%), Distilled Vinegar, Minerals, Carrot (4%), Fennel Seeds, Orange Zest, Tumeric, Ground Ginger, Vegetable Oil.


IngredientsChicken (65%), Pea Protein, Glycerine, Chia Seeds (4%), Distilled White Vinegar, Coconut (4%), Minerals, Dried Sweet Potato, Flaxseed, Dried Spinach (0.1%), Thyme, Vegetable Oil.


Ingredients: Turkey (65%), Pea Protein, Glycerine, Distilled White Vinegar, Cranberry (4%), Minerals, Pumpkin (4%), Ground Cinnamon, Ground Ginger, Flaxseed, Apple (0.1%), Vegetable Oil.


Ingredients: Beef (75%), Glycerine, Pea Protein, Quinoa (4%), Distilled White Vinegar, Minerals, Dried Spinach (4%), Red Beet Powder, Flaxseed, Dried Sweet Potato (0.1%), Orange Zest, Vegetable Oil.


100g bags.