Cytoplan Celadrin – 60 Capsules (Vegan)


This is a human supplement. Included to help you look after you as well as your pet!


From Cytoplan:


Our Celadrin, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, is an exciting high potency supplement to include as part of your joint health programme.


Celadrin is believed to work in a similar way to the essential fatty acids from fish oil in providing support during the inflammatory process.


Celadrin is backed by a number of positive anecdotal reports. People report using it for knee, elbow, wrist and hand joints in particular.


A number of small trials have also been carried out on Celadrin® products available, but using a bovine source. This new plant based source of Celadrin® has a fatty acid complex identical in structure to the bovine form and research shows it to be equally effective. The plant-based source of the fatty acids is sustainably sourced palm oil.