Deluxe Lickimat – Slomo (deeper) (bobbles)



Our Quick Guide:


Difficulty: Easy (but long lasting!) 

Food/Treats: Wet

Interactivity: Can Do Alone

Durability: Regular


Lickimats promote calm behaviour through repetitive licking which has a soothing effect.

They can also help with dental hygiene through keeping the tongue clean and stimulating production of saliva.


They are brilliant for dogs who struggle with the harder wet food toys as the treat is highly accessible, but only a small amount is made available.


Rather than the rubber of the standard lickimats, these deluxe versions are more rigid in construction (and not as easy for certain dogs to lift up and chew - which is not what they are supposed to be doing!) and the Slo Mo in particular has deeper troughs which allow them to hold more food.