Donate to Cricket – Breakfast lunch and dinner for a day


We feed all our dogs on rehabilitation programmes three times a day - it helps with enrichment but is also really important for brains which are working hard to learn new behaviours. We tailor the nutrition plan for each dog to their individual needs and only feed the best quality foods with readily available nutrients which are easily absorbed - this is incredibly important for dogs who are recovering from periods of extreme stress, many of whom arrive with us with digestive and other health issues. 


For cricket, his nutrition needs also have to take into account his age - he is a young, developing dog and pretty much has hollow knees when it comes to food! 


On overage, it costs about £2 per day to feed Cricket and this excludes his chews and treats. 


Cricket says "I LOVE my dinners. And breakfast. And lunch. And SNACKS!" 

We say it's a good job he's only small!!!!