Feelwells Training Treats



Semi-Moist Training Treats natural, healthy and oven baked.


No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

No wheat or rice.


These are much smaller than some of the other semi-moist treats, but can still be broken down further and the cheese and liver flavours add some really useful variety to training time!


Food sensitivity information:


We put 'cheese' under veggie (yes, we know it is dairy, not vegan, but we don't have a category for cheese!) The liver variety is made from chicken liver, not beef or pork. 


Another brand we love, based in Yorkshire and strong advocates of the Campaign for Real Pet Food.


Ingredients: Cheesy Oats, Glycerine, Cheese (10%), Gelatine, Vegetable Oil, Minerals.


Ingredients: Chicken Poultry meal (chicken 16%), potato starch, chicken liver digest (14%), glycerine, rapeseed oil (2.5%), pea fibre, minerals.


Ingredients: Liver Oats, glycerine, dried chicken liver (10% equivalent to 26% fresh liver) gelatine, vegetable oil, minerals.