Kong Spinner – Large


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The Canine Thinking Team says...


Our Quick Guide:


Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Food/Treats: Dry

Interactivity: Can Do Alone

Durability: Super Durable


This is one of the biggest dry food dispensing activity toys around - it holds a really good size portion of food. There is a an internal channel which slows down how fast it comes out. This only takes up a third of the internal space (or thereabouts) to allow for the amount of food that can go in, so we have also added in some scrunched up paper inside to make smaller amounts of food last even longer. It's great to have a big size toy option (which doesn't rule out the smaller dogs, it just means they need to work with it differently). This has stood up really well to some of our giant breed testers and taken a serious bashing, so we have popped it into our super durable category!


The Manufacturer says...


KONG Treat Spinner’s dynamic internal tumbler increases the challenge—and mental stimulation—of this durable food dispenser. A barrel of fun, this toy holds up to 4 cups of kibble and easily twists open for easy filling. Its internal spinning channels slow down kibble dispensing, making it an ideal, slow-feeding weight management tool. It’s exterior construction is designed for long-lasting sessions of quiet play.