Tropiclean Shampoos



Two brilliant shampoos that we use time and time again! We love that Tropiclean are transparent with their ingredients (a rare find in pet washing products unfortunately) and both shampoos are fairly mild, using coconut based cleansers. 


Tropiclean are based in the USA, and whilst we always aim to shop local first, the quality of these shampoos (and their dental range), and the results we see with them, means we think they are worth including here for you. 


'Gentle Coconut'

TropiClean Gentle Coconut Pet Shampoo is a mild shampoo for puppies and pets with allergies, but we actually use it on most of our dogs as it is so gentle.  

Coconut in the formula gently cleanses your pet's coat whilst aloe extracts replenish their skins natural moisture, producing a fresh, healthy clean coat.


Importantly from our perspective, there is only a very mild fragrance (and remember that what you can smell will be amplified greatly for your dog's sensitive nose ..... and they have to carry that smell around with them with no chance of escape!) Less is definitely better when it comes to smell in shampoos! 


It is soap free so doesn't wash away other treatments already in your pet's coat (e.g. for fleas and ticks), but does help get rid of muck picked up on walks (although you might want to look at the oatmeal/tea-tree version if fox poo is involved!) 


Purified water, mild coconut cleanser, avena sativa oatmeal, vitamin E, aloe extract.


Oatmeal and Tea Tree

The TropiClean Oatmeal and Tea Tree medicated shampoo exfoliates, moisturizes and conditions you pet’s skin and coat, effectively soothing dry, itchy and irritated skin.


The medicated formula is enhanced with beta hydroxy which helps to provide long lasting itch relief.



Purified water, mild coconut cleanser, avena sativa oatmeal, natural salicylic acid, organic blend of (chamomile extract, aloe extract, pomegranate extract, kiwi extract, yucca extract, papaya extract), hydrolyzed plant protein, fragrance, vitamin E, tea tree.


Not tested on animals

99% naturally derived ingredients