Space Lobbers



The Canine Thinking Team says...

These are very versatile for interactive play - the 'ears' mean you have something to hold for games of 'splat' and 'pounce' and they also make them super easy to throw.

They are more durable than some of the very small squeaky toys on the market and when they finally die a death, they are great fun to destuff too...... aren't they Huey puppy?!!!


The Manufacturer says...

Getting dogs’ tails wagging is our aim here at Good Boy and we create super fun and interesting toys to do just that! We cover off all play needs so there’s something for every doggy’s taste.

Wowzers! this is a totally funkadelic, super squeaky, bouncy, fun dog toy.

Good Boy Space Lobber has been designed specifically to be the best in throw and fetch fun. Groovy ergonomic grab handles allow easy grip for all aspects of play and easy action throwing for extra distance.

This totally radical super squeaky interactive toy will encourage fun exercise for your pet. Right on man!

Please be aware that it’s your responsibility as the dog owner to decide if this toy is suitable for your dog. All dogs are different after all! No toy is suitable for every dog.