I believe sharing your life with your dog should be a joy for both of you.

Optimising wellbeing, using the most up-to-date behaviour and training science and tailoring each programme of support to you as an individual means we help you and your dog develop a shared understanding of each others needs; giving you the skills to transform behaviours, enabling your dog to flourish and you to focus on enjoying life together.

My team and I look forward to sharing our passion and expertise with you.


Behaviourist. Trainer. Canine Wellbeing Specialist.

Owner of Canine Thinking

Behaviour and Training 1-2-1

Support perfectly tailored just to you, whatever you need help with.

Groups and classes

Online and ‘Out and About’, we have a service to suit your needs.

Online Courses

Learn in your own home at a time and pace to suit you and your dog.

Covid update: Our full service is operating as usual. We work with you to ensure we have a plan that is fully compliant with all relevant covid-guidelines so you can access the help you need in a covid-safe way.

Helping you and your dog

achieve happiness and harmony together

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