Our online courses give you access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise as well as guidance on how to tailor what you learn to YOUR INDIVIDUAL dog. And the very best place to learn new skills with your dog is at home, away from distractions, in a safe space and at a time when you can both concentrate, so the results are fantastic.


We offer online training at levels to suit all needs:

  • COMING SOON!! Our flagship course to help you live the life you want with your dog (based on the expert approach we provide through our incredible one to one VIP coaching)
  • short courses on behaviour issues, training skills and wellbeing
  • mini modules, webinars and FREE resources to help get you started on essential topics

Help your dog relax and engage

with ACE Free Work, TTouch techniques, massage, understanding body language and communication and fabulous skills and ideas for enrichment and wellbeing. These are the tools and techniques we use with our own dogs, with all our clients and in rescue to help our canine companions (and us!) feel amazing. 

Introduction to Ace Free Work with your dog


ACE Free Work is amazing – and it has helped every single dog that we have worked with. Yes, that’s right EVERY dog – puppy, teenager, adults (even the super sensible ones!), golden oldie, new rescue, long-term family companion, fearful and anxious, over-excited, sound-phobic, confident, poorly or injured, fit and fabulous. It truly is one of the most versatile and EASY techniques to just help your dog feel their very best. 


Learn the basic TTouches and techniques to help your dog release tension, and improve wellbeing.

And it is perfect for integrating into ACE Free Work too.

Find out more about TTouch here …

Fireworks and Sound Fears

“What an excellent Webinar. You have given us all a super clear map through some very confusing territory. It corrected a lot of misinformation and clarified and consolidated all the relevant issues. I wish that every dog owner could see and hear your presentation.”    Anne – October 2022

Know your dog dislikes fireworks? Got a new dog or puppy and don’t know how they will cope? 

Our comprehensive 1 hour webinar takes you through the essentials for reducing and avoiding stress and helping your dog relax. It’s a simple 4 step plan!


    Love the webinar and want to dive deeper and build a completely individual plan for YOUR dog?