Everything else

From poo bags to crate bowls to essential cleaning products, this is where you’ll find those important but ‘miscellaneous’ items that every pet home needs. And all still vetted to our usual high standards!




Poo bags

Recycled, biodegradable, thick, leak-proof and easy to open.

Crate bowls

Dogs must ALWAYS have access to water, including overnight and when left in crates (which can be great if introduced carefully and positively and used as a safe space!). We like these because they are pretty stable and just that bit more comfortable should your dog bump into them.


If your pet has a toilet accident indoors it is ESSENTIAL to clear up with a proper pet stain and odour remover. We steer as far from chemical cleaning in our house as we can, but this is one area where we do use a proper targeted product. If you want to remove everything and reduce the risk of lingering smells or your pet going again in the same place, you need to neutralise everything in there and that means removing all the bacteria and trace pheromones too. Normal cleaning products do not do this! 

And don’t forget the leucillin to clean your hands! It kills pretty much everything without causing resistance – and is completely pet safe too.