JW Holee Bottle – Medium


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Our Quick Guide:


Difficulty: Easy to Medium to Hard (depends what you do with it!)

Food/Treats: Dry (and chews!)

Interactivity: Can Do Alone, Great for Doing Together

Durability: Tough!


Ready for a new spin on the classic JW Hol-ee design? This water bottle dog toy is made with the same non-toxic, super-stretchy rubber and features the same design as the original Hol-ee roller, but is now stuffed with a replaceable plastic water bottle!


As the plastic bottle gets crushed by your dog's chewing, replace it with a new empty bottle to keep playtime going!


All out of water bottles? Its open design allows you to stuff the outer shell with treats or other fun toys your dog loves. 


Size Guide

Medium: 3" L x 3" W x 8" H