Kong – Lock-it



Ooooooohhh this is a tricky, interesting little activity toy!


Our Quick Guide:


Difficulty: Hard (to Medium when competent at it)

Food/Treats: Dry

Interactivity: Can Do Alone (Do Together at the start)

Durability: Fairly Tough


The difficulty is really quite variable. The aim is to fill the pods with food and push them together (then twist and lock). This leaves one end of one pod open and the others (and you can join as many together as you like) are sealed. So treats come out of the first one really easily (although we have been known to stuff a paper bung in the end too!) but to get into the others, the dog has to work out how to snap the pods apart (usually foot on one end and mouth on the other). I actually prefer to start dogs with several together (so it is easier for them to stand on the one end and sometimes leave it 'untwisted' to help more cautious dogs get the right idea. 


It's important not to let frustration build with this one, hence putting it into the difficult category, but it probably drops to medium for most dogs once they are competent with it. 


Small come as a pack of 3 and large as a pack of 2. 

You can join together as many of the same size as you like, you don't have to stop at 1 pack!