Introduction to Ace Free Work with your dog


ACE Free Work is a truly essential skill that EVERY dog guardian should know

ACE Free Work is amazing – and it has helped every single dog that we have worked with. Yes, that’s right EVERY dog – puppy, teenager, supposedly sensible adult, golden oldie, new rescue, long-term family companion, fearful and anxious, over-excited, sound-phobic, confident, poorly or injured, fit and fabulous. It truly is one of the most versatile and EASY techniques to just help your dog feel their very best. 

We use it to 

  • support physical and emotional development in young dogs
  • help teenagers learn to balance and regulate themselves
  • identify early signs of health changes, pain and discomfort or body tension
  • help dogs overcome fears and worries (from being touched, meeting new people, sounds to struggling with other dogs)
  • make visits to the vets and groomers easy and relaxed
  • help with car-travel
  • support older dogs to maintain physical well-being and reduce cognitive decline
  • improve loose lead walking
  • help dogs relax around things they have previously guarded
  • build lovely confident social skills with people and dogs  

The list really is endless! 

Perhaps most importantly, it will give you a truly incredible opportunity to really SEE your dog, to learn to read their body language, to listen and understand and to build a conversation that will really deepen your relationship and, on a practical level, make so many things just so much easier!

We take you through an introduction to ACE Free Work and how to get started with YOUR dog, with video demonstrations, downloadable worksheets and a fantastic BONUS webinar from Sarah Fisher.

  • what Free Work is and how it was developed
  • how to set up your first Free Work session – and tailor it to your dog.
  • an introduction to observing your dog and understanding what you see
  • dive into the ‘why’ – how can something which looks like enrichment actually transform behaviour? Choose from an overview, or get your geek on and start to dive into the science behind movement, posture, balance, pain and anxiety!
Includes a special offer for a coached 1:1 Free Work session with YOUR DOG with one of our brilliant behaviour and welbeing team – only available via this course.