Kong Flipz



The Canine Thinking Team says...


Our Quick Guide:


Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Food/Treats: Dry

Interactivity: Can Do Alone

Durability: Regular


We love this new addition to the Kong range - it SQUEAKS! Yes, a food dispensing activity toy with added squeaky fun. The outer edge is a rubbery material which gives it great bounce (and squeak!) and makes the movement a bit more erratic and then the treats go in the middle. It's not the easiest of activity toys - for most dogs it is a medium, but some have found it really quite tricky. We particularly love this for building confidence with puppies once they have mastered a couple of easier ones.


The Manufacturer says...

  • Rewarding treat dispenser satisfies natural foraging instincts
  • Flip and bounce action sparks chasing instincts
  • Durable puzzle toy for long-lasting mental enrichment

KONG Flipz pops up and over when dogs tap it, dispensing treats as it flips and wobbles, sparking natural foraging instincts for a mentally-stimulating food puzzle. The unpredictable action and squeaker keeps dogs captivated, while the durability is sure to deliver long-lasting fun. Ideal for a food bowl replacement while enabling a slow feeding solution, KONG Flipz holds kibble and treats for a rewarding experience. The removable middle container is easy to clean and fill, making for convenient mess free food dispensing fun.