Toys for play!

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So important for our dogs! To help you choose, we have divided the toys up into collections (shown below) based on style or type of play. We’ve put our review of each toy within its description. And if you need any further help, just drop us a message! 

All our toys for playtime! 

Everything we have – tried, tested and only ever toys we are confident to use with our own or clients’ dogs!

Soft and snuggly

Perfect for playing splat, retrieve or tug. Or just shaking around and throwing – and even better if it squeaks! Can also be used as a pillow for tired heads, squeezed and gently chewed (some stand up to this better than others) and destuffed again and again (as long as helpful humans keep refilling them!) 

Rubbery (or latex, neoprene or similar!)

Squeezable texture – some super soft, some really tough – and great for outdoor play.

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Heavier than soft toys, more durable, stands up to a bit more chewing or tugging. Some ‘soft toys’ also have rope inside to increase durability and create interesting textures for dogs to grab and squeeze! 


SO much fun! And we have replacement squeakers too so the end of the squeaker doesn’t have to mean the end of the toy! And if it gets too much there are some toys where the squeaker comes out! 


Variety of texture and sound is really important – it’s not all about the squeak! In fact, the crinkly bag is probably Huey’s favourite ever to!!! 

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Really important for dogs who get over-aroused with noisy toys, for dogs who just aren’t that keen on things that squeak, and for those times when human ears need a little break too. 


Our pick of the toys that stand up best to ‘robust play’, sharp puppy teeth and taking a bit of a battering! Some of these are specifically designed for this purpose with reinforced seams and special linings, others we have just found to really stand up to some of our toughest toy batterers! 

Great for tug

Longer and stronger, bits for both parties to grab onto, sometimes with a bit of stretch and all helping keep fingers and teeth nice and separate! 

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No stuffing (or very, very little!) 

Stuffing is great (and part of the fun) but if you have a dog who eats it or sometimes you want to be able to enjoy playtime without as much mess, then stuffing-free toys are great!