The magic in ‘Aunty Lisa’s’ pockets!!! Texture and flavour variety is really important so we’ve grouped treats into a couple of categories for you…. or just click here to look through them all

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NoStuff Zebra -

Soft and Meaty

Extremely tasty so really high value, easy to break up and perfect for training.

NoStuff Zebra -

Dry and Crunchy

Crunching is great for both teeth and wellbeing and these are fab for enrichment.

NoStuff Zebra -

Choose By Flavour

Looking for rabbit? Venison? Duck? Kangaroo? Veggie? All grouped together for you! 

It’s so important for training to find something that really motivates your dog so we always have a good selection: some for everyday, some for really fabulous (or difficult) behaviours and most importantly, a pocketful of variety so they are always keen to know what might pop out next!

Soft treats often work best for training as they are super tasty and disappear quickly – typically these have a much higher value for most dogs. Crunchy treats are important too to give a variety of texture and some activities are designed for dry not moist foods. Below you’ll find a selection of our absolute favourites – for rewarding the behaviours you like, popping in activity boxes and scent work games, a little snack before bed time…..and sometimes just because! 

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