Treats (for training and just because!)

The magic in Aunty Lisa’s pockets!

It’s so important for training to find something that really motivates your dog, so we always have a good selection: some for everyday, some which are super-high value and most importantly, a pocketful of variety so your dog will always be keen to know what might pop out next!

Texture is really important so we’ve grouped treats into a couple of categories below, or simply look through them all! Don’t forget you can search by flavour too. 

Tips for using moist treats

easy to break up into tiny pieces and quick to swallow so perfect for training and also to add interest and motivation to enrichment activities.

They are super meaty and usually high value to VERY high value for most dogs. They usually have a more intense smell (to your dog) than dry food so are great for scent work activities too! 

Tips for using dry treats

Some are small enough to give individually (especially for medium to larger dogs, or as a bigger treat for smaller dogs), others we have included because of their fantastic quality, flavour and texture, but we tend to break them up with fingers, scissors or by giving them a gentle bash with a rolling pin inside a bag! This makes them still crunchy and fabulous but much smaller, great for little dogs and more suited for incorporating into training or enrichment activities.

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